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Volume 4 December, 1998 Number 2

1998 Newsletter

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Valentine Cave, Lava Beds by Bill Frantz
Attending a CRF Expedition in California: 

If you as a CRF joint venturer wish to attend a CRF expedition at Lava Beds (LABE), Redwood Canyon (SEKI), or Mineral King (MIKI), please contact the Expedition leader about 2 weeks in advance. We must give the Park Service (NPS) a nose count and we must be certain we have enough trip leaders available to ensure a quality underground experience for everyone. Also, we are subject to a party size limit of 15 persons, a requirement that is imposed by the National Park Service as a conservation measure. Our enforcement of this regulation on CRF expeditions has inconvenienced our personnel from time to time. Your cooperation and understanding are solicited and appreciated. 

If you are interested in cave survey at Lava Beds and can assemble your own team, why not contact Janet Sowers or Bill Devereaux? They may be able to give you an assignment you can do any weekend you choose. Naturally, you will be expected to file the data and draw up the map in a TIMELY fashion. 

Expedition Leaders: Please send to John Tinsley a list of participants, trip reports, and JV forms after each expedition. This is to maintain an up-to-date JV list available from Tinsley. Also, send a copy of your expedition report to Paul Nelson, Editor of the CRF National Newsletter. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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